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About Us

Ziza Group is a media and marketing firm founded in 2009 with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.

About Us

Ziza Group is a media and marketing firm founded in 2009. At Ziza, we bring first-class thinking to the practice of media and marketing. We are media, marketing, advertising, project management, strategy, management professionals with over 100 years accumulative practical experience working with the strongest and most loved brands in today’s market.

Who We Are

  • To be Africa’s Top 3 in any industry we play in by 2018.
  • By consistently adopting global practices, and supporting our talent to remain on the cutting edge of whatever they do, we will set the trend for a new generation of business leadership on the African continent.
  • The Ziza Brand holds these 4 cardinal values sacred:

    1. Respect for the Individual
    2. The Pursuit of Excellence
    3. Creating Positive Value
    4. Relentless Pursuit of Knowledge
  • At Ziza Group, in addition to our cardinal values, in all our dealings we ask ourselves:

    1. Is this beneficial to all concerned?
    2. Will this add positive value to our clients and stakeholders?
    3. Is this consistent with the facts?
    4. Does this adhere to all local and international laws?
    5. Does this make our industry and the larger world a better place?

    Only when we can answer all 5 questions in the affirmative, do we proceed with action.