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ZIZA Brands

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ZIZA Concepts

ZIZA Concepts

Our Brain Power

Our Business Philosophy

We believe that a stronger society, means a stronger economy, and a stronger economy will mean a stronger business. – Aziza Uko, Chief Executive

Why Choose ZIZA ?

The Ziza Advantage

  • http://theblindclub.com/jasmine-kennedy/ Our approach is to give our clients the best possible value in everything we do and as such, Ziza always goes far and beyond in pleasing our clients. When you work with Ziza, you have on your side, a team of experts with an accumulative experience of over 100 years in media, marketing, communications, management, editing, publicity, research, and advertising. Our clients are always more knowledgeable, wealthier, more profitable, and better at what they do, and stronger than we met them.

Ethical Statement

  • At Ziza Group, in addition to our cardinal values, in all our dealings we ask ourselves:

    1. Is this beneficial to all concerned?
    2. Will this add positive value to our clients and stakeholders?
    3. Is this consistent with the facts?
    4. Does this adhere to all local and international laws?
    5. Does this make our industry and the larger world a better place?

    Only when we can answer all 5 questions in the affirmative, do we proceed with action.


  • "Ziza’s five-step process for building and nurturing brands is unique and represents world’s best practice and is guaranteed to deliver measurable results time and time again. Our communication team at Unilever has used Ziza’s methods to achieve near-impossible results."
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    Osita Abana, Communications Executive, Unilever Nigeria

  • "When Samsung needed someone to capture our communication on our strategic global CSR project, Ziza's expertise and strategic thinking did the magic for us. Working with Ziza, we were able to craft a message that resonated with our consumers, and the model that Ziza created for us remains a model for our brand communications till today."
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    Usman Imanah, Public Relations / Media Resource Manager Samsung Electronics West Africa

  • "In steady times and in times of turbulence, Ziza can be counted on as a sure and steady partner to work with in protecting your brand value and communicating appropriately for your various publics."
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    Reno Omokri , Special Assistant to President Jonathan on New Media

Our Clients

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